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Perfect fit, maximum flexibility and better sliding properties

The Ultimate IPS perfectly hugs your body thanks to its very tight fit, a lower collar and the ergonomic guidance of the panels in the groin, legs and hips. The production of exclusive Nano Space Cell 2 neoprene leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility and gliding properties in the water. The ultra-thin nano-coating of neoprene creates a surface that creates almost no resistance to friction in the water.The aerodynamic and thoracic stability panel sets new standards in hip and chest stabilization and your streamlined shape in water. The neoprene material ensures increased buoyancy thanks to the closed air cells.

State-of-the-art materials and unlimited freedom of movement

We use Avevia Super Dry inner material for a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin. Thanks to this extremely flexible and water-repellent nylon, the material remains extremely light even when wet and allows you to quickly remove your suit. Stability is required on the hips, but in the armpit area the Zero Resistance panel ensures unlimited freedom of movement. This flexibility allows you to swim effortlessly and efficiently, as there is no material resistance in the extended arm position. The forearm panels on the forearms optimize the gliding behavior and ensure a natural feeling of water during the pulling phase.

Excellent sliding properties

The surface of the G series has been covered with an ultra-fine nano-coating, which reduces the friction resistance of the material in water to almost zero.

Designed to make you faster

so that you can safely transport and store our new valuable addition, you get an extremely light and waterproof backpack. Interior and exterior pockets provide storage for additional swimming utensils and accessories. Our 10 years of neoprene development experience is combined in the Ultimate IPS and sets the bar extremely high for everything else. With maximum freedom of movement, excellent buoyancy and ideal gliding properties, you can count on our newcomer for the fastest swim time!