Ultra mix box FRUIT2 + FRUIT3 (box of 24 bars)
Ultra mix box FRUIT2 + FRUIT3 (box of 24 bars)

Ultra mix box FRUIT2 + FRUIT3 (box of 24 bars)

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Box of 24 bars - contains 4 bars of strawberry, orange, apricot and maple, 4 bars of E-Beet (with iron and electrolytes) and blackcurrant (with natural caffeine).

FRUIT2 and FRUIT3 Energy Fruit Bars are a new, delicious and natural way to get an energy boost during your sports activities.

FRUIT2 bars only provide carbohydrates and provide 100 calories per bar. FRUIT3 bars have a bit of xact nutrition magic on top of the carbs: 
  • FRUIT3 blackcurrant provides electrolytes, antioxidants and caffeine (50 mg). 
  • FRUIT3 E-Beet provides electrolytes, antioxidants and is enriched with iron. Does not contain caffeine. 
Our all-natural fruit bars are easy to chew, stay soft and melt in your mouth even without water, making them easy to swallow even during more intense efforts.


Our bars contain all the carbohydrates to aid digestion, a mixture of fast and slow burning sugars to avoid the "bonk"! These fruit bars are made from real fruit pulp, they taste amazing and work fast. People tell us they find them very digestible and love the short, simple ingredient list.

For activities> 1 hour, eat 1 bar / 30-45 minutes.

For detailed information on ingredients, see ingredient lists for each product. All our FRUIT2 and FRUIT3 bars contain 25-29g of carbohydrate. The main ingredient (and the source of the carbohydrates) is real fruit pulp.