SKAEL men's shorts
SKAEL men's shorts

SKAEL men's shorts

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During the effort, the muscles of the upper body, pelvis and thigh are subject to significant venous and bio-mechanical constraints which can be increased by certain sports.

The SKÆL textile range offers protection against friction, while limiting dehydration and promoting thermal regulation.

High-performance, efficient, with maximum freedom of movement thanks to its fitted cut, the SKÆL range adapts to each body type. His muscle maintenance Controlled, reduces vibrations and oscillations during all your efforts. 

The specific fiber of the SKÆL range quickly wicks perspiration to the outside, thus allowing optimal body thermal regulation and faster drying.

Designed with flat seams, the SKÆL range avoids any risk of unwanted friction for a optimal comfort.

Ideal as a base layer (or second skin) in winter, the SKÆL range also demonstrates its effectiveness in hot weather.