MOCHA ULTRA ENERGY™ Energy Bars x 12
MOCHA ULTRA ENERGY™ Energy Bars x 12
MOCHA ULTRA ENERGY™ Energy Bars x 12

MOCHA ULTRA ENERGY™ Energy Bars x 12

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Smooth caramel and a creamy coating give the Caramel Macchiato bar its savory flavor. Embark your favorite coffee on all your adventures and let your taste buds get carried away. Take advantage of it before, during or after training so you never run out of energy.

With 65mg of caffeine, a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio and 480mg of electrolytes, Näak Caffeinated Bars increase focus and endurance, while reducing muscle fatigue.


65mg of caffeine stimulates your central nervous system to reduce feelings of fatigue. Studies show that caffeine increases endurance, strength and reduces the perception of pain, in addition to delaying the depletion of muscle glycogen. This allows you to train harder and longer!


By fueling your body with a 4:1 carb to protein ratio, you delay muscle fatigue and prevent muscle damage by increasing glycogen stores in your muscles. This results in an increase in your endurance performance during your training.


Thanks to a low glycemic index and the use of complex sugars, our products have been designed to eliminate gastrointestinal problems. Say goodbye to stomach aches during your training and endurance races!


 Fill up on energy with plant-based proteins and natural, non-GMO ingredients. We guarantee you the most eco-responsible sports nutrition so that you push your limits while preserving your playground.