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They were born on the red cliffs of the East Coast, where wild spirit and unparalleled beauty bleed together. Their thirst for adventure and the wild spirit of the sea inspired them to create Seacow Outdoors: the East Coast's newest open water lifestyle company.

The founders of SEACOW, James Shea and Terry Arsenault, live for open water and have spent most of their lives on cliffs and beaches. Here, the locals always know where the best beach is, but sometimes it is difficult to get there. Frustrated with long haul hauls with standard paddle boards, the founders set to work designing Seacow's Banook - a lightweight, modern inflatable SUP. The result is an inflatable paddle board that is light and compact enough to never miss an adventure.

At Seacow, they have developed a relationship with water and want to share their passion. They want you to feel the salt in your hair and the sun on your face; the silent feeling of zen; the leisurely pace of your paddle entering and exiting the water. The freedom of open water and the choice of your own adventure.

This is real freedom, this is Seacow Outdoors.

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2 items