Recovery & Well-Being Socks

BV Sport recovery socks are used by high level athletes internationally and are regularly recommended by medical staff European sports clubs and federations.


The flagship of BV SPORT's recovery range since 1998, the ProRecup Elite EVO recovery stockings are undoubtedly the most technical recovery product of the range. Made with specific knitting and pressures adapted to athletes for many years, this recovery stocking thanks to targeted compression at the calf allows elimination < / strong> rapid venous blood poorly oxygenated and filled with toxins (lactic acid, free radicals, CO2…). Its lightweight mesh at the tibia protects sensitive tissues.


Tired of ending your days with heavy legs ? You want compression socks to wear every day ? Our CONFORT EVO socks are ideal for people who work standing , travels en bus , < strong data-mce-fragment = "1"> car , plane , train or wishing to carry a compression pair before training or competition . This range well-being adopts specific calf pressures specially designed to be used daily and outside of sport .

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5 items